Blogging for Profits Series Part 5: 3 Easy Techniques To Build Great Content for a Successful Blog


The number one challenge that prevents most people from getting into blogging is…the fact that they need to write a valuable content, not once or twice but for as long they want to stay in the business. Ever heard of the saying “Content is king?” In blogging, this is specifically true…and not only is content a king…but it’s also cash!

Content is the core of your blogging business. It’s the life. It’s the main factor that will drive traffic to your blog and will have that traffic keep coming back! And before you can even drive traffic to your blog, you must already have valuable content in place. That’s why I wrote this post first before the part of my series in driving traffic.

Just like most people, I had this fear and strong uncertainty on what to put on my blog before I started. That’s what prevented me from starting mine for a very long time! But I overcame it when I discovered what my true passion is and that is helping other starting entrepreneurs by providing valuable business tips and advices. Now, coming up with blog post ideas is a breeze! Why? Because I talk and write about what I LOVE doing.

Remember what I discussed on the first part of my Blogging for Profit Series: The Foundation? If you want to make an income from your blogging, it’s an absolute must that you build it around your passion. If your passion is about fashion, don’t start a blog about how to make money online or dating and relationships, or weight loss just because you heard they are good money-making niches.

Two Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Blog Topic Just for the Money

1. You want to be real in your blog. On this day and age of social media, skeptic people appreciate transparency! The more personal and more real that you are, the more that you will attract readers to your blog. People will sense whether or not you do know what you’re talking about. Granted, there are several ways now to cover this up such as hiring a ghost writer. But by doing so, eventually, you will have a “discontent” deep within you because you’re really not doing what you love. Eventually, your inner self will find its way to do what it really loves doing.

2.  If you start a blog topic that is not your passion, you will be burnt out very easily. One big formula for failure.

On the other hand, if your blog is built around your passion…the content ideas are endless! For example, your passion is about cooking. You can talk about numerous recipes for main dish and desert, best way to cook a certain dish, nutritional information, preservation, and so on!

Bottomline is whatever niche you’re in, you will find a way to write about it if it’s something that you love! I compare this to talking about the person that you’re head over heels with, the person that you love, like a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or fiancee. There is no doubt that you can talk about them all day and all night because you love them and you know about them! It’s so easy to get into the “zone” and start writing about topics that you’re enthusiastic about!

If you’re a new blogger and writing is not your strongest skill, don’t be intimidated! Most bloggers weren’t born writers! We’ve had to train ourselves on how to constantly find ideas and topics to write about.

So how exactly do we go about finding or creating blog content topics?

Technique #1: Start With What You Know

No matter what your status in life is, your age, race, or culture, you gotta have knowledge about something. If it’s your passion, then you must have spent a great deal of time on it. Whether through reading, watching TV, reading other blogs, reading books, listening from other people, you have acquired knowledge that you can share with other people. So dig deep within you and make a list of all the things that you know about. You will be surprised how much valuable information you can share once you start mind-mapping!

With what you know, you can create:

  • How-To blog topic (Such as “How to Cook Lasagna Deliciously With $10!”)
  • List (Such as Ten Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer)
  • Story (A Lesson Learned From My Weight Loss Journey)
  • Tips (7 Tips to Finding Your True Happiness)

Technique #2: Find Inspiration from Other People

Read books. If you will get into blogging, reading is as almost a necessity as writing. This is one way you can acquire knowledge. By reading books, you will learn from other people. Their knowledge will be passed on to you. Read other blogs as well. Learn from the top people, bloggers, and authors in your niche.

With inspiration from other people you can create:

  • Review topic (Such as review of the book you just read)
  • Opinion (Perhaps in response to a topic you read or heard)
  • Solution blog topic (Such as The Secret to Unlocking Your Potential)
  • Success Story (How A Single Mother Overcame the Pain of Losing a Child)

Technique #3: Find Inspiration from Your Own Life Journey

There’s always something that you can learn from your everyday life! You discover something new about yourself and about the people that surround you everyday. So be sensitive and always be open to what God is teaching you even the simplest thing possible.

With inspiration from your own life journey, you can create:

  • Motivational/Inspirational Story
  • Thought-Provoking blog topic

With the techniques above coupled with these guidelines, you’re on your way to having a great blog!
1. Be real, be you, and be personal on your blog posts.

2. Although you need to be real and personal, a good command of English grammar and spelling is still a must. No matter how valuable your content is, if your writing is not comprehensible, you will turn your visitors away.

If you’re a pro blogger, share with our readers your tips for generating blog content ideas! Please post them below. And as always, if you enjoyed this post, tweet, like, digg it! *Smiles*

Lynne G. Caine has been a professional blogger since 2011 and has worked hundreds of national and international brands including Starbucks, Macy's, Cadillac, Chevy, L'Oreal, Maybelline just to name a few.

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